Coffee Love Shade Grown ,Coffee Berry Borer Love Too

When hand sorting coffee i found a lot of green coffee beans had a black hold n the bottom some had destroy half beans ,
i ask my farmers what is this hole came from ,they said its from insects ,and i ask how do we safe our coffee from that destroy ,they all said  in here Doi chang we found only little amount of its ,But from my eyes  i can noticed its damage about 10- 15 % each crops ,its reducing their income and also losing the quality of coffee too ,

Coffee Berry Borrow 

This pests living its life inside the berry ,difficult to control .Farmers here when found its they use chemical spray to control its easy for farmers this way , but chemical like eldosulfate its so dangerous for farmers health,my notice the farm that often take care their farm ,clean ,not to thick shade easy to found the pests and try to solve the problem as fast as they can  so its not too much damage 

work with farmers to organically coffee grown found many problems have to do ,How to solve this problem by not any chemical use ,Biodiversity controls its difficulties to do ,if farmers still used chemical ,Coffee berry borer will stop eating berry for awhile  from chemicals used, But another insectes or weed that useful for eco-system will be destroy too,

Higher price 

For Specialty coffee Grown under Good conditions for better quality ,Good Management in farm with smart farmers all Need times ,Labours its more cost But if higher price for coffee's farmers,its can protect from Coffee Berry Borer Damage made farmers Happy to take care their farm for sustainable income to their Lives